What foods can I use to enhance male libido and potency?

Since ancient times, men have been concerned about problems with potency. In Greece, there was a whole layer of culture, pursuing the sole purpose: to preserve male health. However, in other countries, men used a variety of means, in particular, consumed special foods. For example, in the East, products such as testicles of animals, blood of snakes and grated rhinoceros horn were considered medicinal as a seasoning. In other countries, including Europe and America, walnuts and raw eggs were used for the same purposes.

Of course, today science can say for sure that the main thing is enough vitamins. That is why a whole complex of products was prepared that contain vitamins A, E and B in sufficient quantities to ensure that the male potency was in order. The most useful products are:

  • bananas that are able to increase the level of happiness (hormone serotonin), also contain large amounts of potassium
  • seafood, including fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This acid can significantly improve the synthesis of male hormones in the reproductive system. Thus, seafood not only improves potency, but also increases the total amount of sperm. The quality of the seed also improves
  • a variety of seasonings, especially of pungent taste. These include Chili pepper, thyme, and other herbs that help strengthen blood circulation. Because of this, sexual activity and desire arise naturally
  • Ginger in any form is an excellent remedy for treating many diseases, because ginger is able to thin the blood and rid the body of toxins. However, it should be remembered that ginger is quite burning; it makes it harmful to people who have problems with internal organs, in particular, with the stomach, liver, etc.
  • turnip and turnip seeds can also increase the potency of men, they can be eaten constantly
  • amino acids contained in oatmeal help improve blood circulation and positively affect libido. This means that oatmeal also helps strengthen the erectile function.

These are just some products that are used to treat male problems. However, as a preventive measure, do not forget to add natural potency enhancers so that you do not have similar problems in the future. Useful products are:

  • beans
  • nuts
  • oranges and pomegranates, as well as figs
  • fresh vegetables, especially celery, onions, garlic and parsley
  • eggs (chicken and quail).