How to distinguish potency from a libido?

There are two basic concepts of potency and libido, which have both similarities and differences. Potency is the physical ability of a man to have sexual intercourse if there is a desire for it. Libido is more a psychological issue, which determines the presence of a man’s attraction to a woman. For the first time, the term libido came about thanks to the legendary scientist Sigmund Freud.

Often these two concepts are confused with each other, and there are some reasons for this. For example, the reasons for both can be the same. Potency and libido largely depend on testosterone, which is produced in the male body in large quantities. Testosterone begins to be produced in the body of a man during puberty. At this time, the man experiences an active surge of energy; his sexual organs are formed and take their final form. Testosterone in the future will help maintain the physical appearance in an unchanged form. Lack of testosterone may adversely affect a man’s health. For example, if testosterone is not enough, a man can experience a very weak physical attraction to a woman. At the same time, impotence develops. This largely depends on the age, since young men (under 25 years) very rarely have problems with erection and libido. In 25 years, the process of producing testosterone begins to gradually become less active; at 40 years, a man is likely to lack this hormone. That’s why elderly people are most often interested in taking special drugs to increase potency. Lack of testosterone is a natural process.

What else affects libido and potency? In many ways, the mood and mental health of a man is important. Physicians repeatedly noted that psychological problems could be more important than physical ones. However, failures in bed only exacerbate the problem, because with each new negative experience, a man experiences more and more psychological pressure. The medicine has developed a special term “psychological impotence”, which is explained precisely by problems with the mental state of a person. In this case, do not assume that the lack of attraction to a particular woman is a disease. On the contrary, doctors believe that the sexual attraction to all women without exception is not normal.

What are the main causes of problems with potency in men? First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to various diseases. STDs, prostatitis and other problems with the genitourinary system can disrupt the work of male genital organs. Also, hormonal diseases and physical trauma can lead to problems with libido and potency. In the case of such problems, you can consult a doctor and undergo a full examination.

Physical health is also very important. The least affected by problems with potency and libido are men who:

  • sleep enough
  • do not have excess weight
  • regularly engage in sports
  • eat healthy
  • monitor their health.

Lifestyle largely determines male health. To maintain your masculine power, try to keep your body in perfect condition.