The Effect of Generic Levitra

levitraYou must have heard about Viagra and Cialis, however, Levitra is not worse than other popular drugs for ED. It is also gaining popularity rather quickly and the reports of satisfied men prove that it is not only a great medicine for men suffering from health problems causing ED but also a safe product, which doesn’t have any serious side effects, which is the most important criterion while choosing a drug for ED treatment.


What should you know about Levitra?

Levitra is the well-known medicine for men who want to improve their sexual life quality and return the joy of sexual relations with their partner. Levitra is known for its positive effects in men of all age groups. ED is the common problem of men of different ages. Nowadays not only men over 60 start suffering the unpleasant signs of erectile dysfunction. There are many young men who start experiencing such unwanted symptoms as premature ejaculation and inability to achieve erection even having natural sexual arousal, which is an obligatory condition for ED drugs.

Levitra is able to give a helping hand when you understand that your relations are going to an end because you have forgotten how to enjoy sexual relations. Why to break up if you can use such a great drug for ED as Levitra. The drug is based on Vardenafil, which has a safe and mild action.


How to use Levitra to achieve success?

There are pills 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. Each tablet has Vardenafil plus additional ingredients that don’t play a significant role. The main principle of action that Levitra has resembles the one Viagra and Cialis have. Like any other drug for ED, Levitra enhances the blood flow to the male genitalia. Levitra is able to work effectively only in case there is a sexual stimulation, otherwise, you won’t notice any effect. The action of Levitra is quiet safe, that’s why there is no need to worry about the negative impact on other systems of organs.

After you take Levitra washing the pill down with water, the maximum concentration will be achieved in about 45 minutes. Individually this process may take longer period of time. The drug is being excreted with the intestine and the small part of it is excreted by the kidneys.

Keep in mind that the changed pharmacokinetic profile of Vardenafil may take place if a man who uses Levitra is older than 60 or if there are any health problems resulting in the decreased function of kidneys and liver. However, the possible changes aren’t considered to be serious or life threatening, which means that there is no need to adjust the drug dosage.

Levitra is much more convenient in use than Viagra as it doesn’t require to be washed down with water. Just place the pill under your tongue and wait till its complete dissolution. It is recommended to take the drug half an hour or hour before the expected intimacy. The dosage may be chosen according to the health condition and age, however, it is always possible to start from the smallest dosage on your own if you aren’t ready to consult the doctor as not many men like sharing their erection problems with anyone.

Starting with the dosage 5 mg you don’t take any risks. Then you can gradually increase Levitra dosage if you haven’t noticed any side effects. The effect from the smaller dosage may be satisfying as well. However, if you want to try the effect provided by the maximum dosage of Levitra, then you are welcome to take 20 mg once per day if you know that you don’t have any serious heart diseases, high or low blood pressure or any other blood vessels health problems.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to combine several ED drugs at the same time as they won’t work effectively, moreover, the combination of different substances may lead to the dangerous consequences. Levitra pill per day is enough to help you enjoy your completely new sexual life free from failures.